Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dr. jekyll.....Mr.....uuhhh

So this is a design for my Advanced 3d animation class. I wanted to do a man changing into a werewolf initially. But then when sketching ideas, I realized that the concept has been beaten to death. So instead of a werewolf I drew some mutant, monster thing. I like it, I think Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde....kinda.

There are not enough hours in the day...

As I was saying, we are all working on an "Alien" theme now. Our job this week was to design five characters in a style other than our own. I drew inspiration from the cartoon "Sebastien" which is on under animacion.

Also we had to take a shot of The Coolidge corner and draw it in four different styles (Or at least I had to). My favorite is the first one. It reminds me of silent hill.


Well my client rejected another animatic. Oh well! Instead my production team class and myself will be working on a whole new concept about aliens. Anyway heres the last animatic I did....meh.