Thursday, May 13, 2010

Portfolio Items: Continued...

Here are my Portfolio items stamped with my "Self-Marketing Brand". I'll start with a few Business card designs that I used in the show.

My Cd stamp which was printed onto the Cd's I passed out at the show. The Cd's had my two demo reels, a copy of my resume and all the images used in my Book portfolio.And lastly, but more importantly, My resume. I'm still going to play around with all these well as my "Branding". My website is JohnGreenAnimation.Net......It still needs some tweaking (I dont know HTML or website making) but its good for now....

Portfolio Images

Here are a few sheets from my book portfolio. We had to come up with a brand to market ourselves. I didn't want it to be really cluttered so or blinding, So I went with three colors, Black, White and Green. Of course the color Green, I beat the concept into people the whole time I was in that class and at the Portfolio show. The three 3d models below I am currently re-modeling because I am learning Zbrush, and it is a great tool to learn! Its confusing at first but worth the time.


This past Saturday (May 8, 2010) I graduated from The New England Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Animation.

I had been really busy with getting things together for my last two classes (Internship & Portfolio class). We had to gather all of our work and put it in presentable packages to display at a portfolio show we held this past April. Business cards, a Website, resume, demo reels as well as a booklet of all our best work. I will make sure to post pictures!

For my internship class, I had to get a internship (Duh!). I am currently at a company called Pangea Tools in Waltham, MA. They are a brand new company that specializes in creating educational software for kids in grades K-12. My position is to organize, compile, create & edit images for use in the software. I started at the beginning of March and I'm contracted till the end of May (The 31st). To be honest, not the ideal job, because I'm not animating, But it has been a valuable learning experience in a professional production team