Saturday, January 31, 2009


    This is an animation I made last semester for my 2d animation class with George Pfromm. We had to incorporate a walk cycle as well as the main character lifting something and walking with it. 
   What's interesting is that this semester in my advanced 2d class with Gabriel Polonsky we have to do the same project although we have to throw the character. That should be interesting to do since I got the experience of doing it before... and of course I will post It when Its finished. Until then enjoy..

  I had an interesting time with this one, I did the voices when I just learned how to use Garage Band. Thankfully Im alot better with it now lol. I know the background isn't layered, I just threw it in there. Its more about the character actions.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Walk Cycle Part II

   Well, Heres another walk cycle. We had to do a walk cycle of a fat person ,which a lack of a better politically correct term at the moment escapes me. I had alot of fun with this character. The shape and design were all fun to make. Yes thats a croissant in her hair.  It was going to be some food item, and I thought why not a croissant, thats avant-garde and different...I have no idea.

Heres the preliminary idea that I sketched out first. In my school its a big thing to know your character and get in the mind of it. So far i think a good name for the character is Gumdrop .
And here is the animation. cross your fingers I'm still trying to figure the exporting thing out.

It's Been A While....

   Well I've been busy lately, but I finally found the time to post some new stuff. I had trouble posting videos for some reason, thats why there was no animation

   So In my class we had to do a walk cycle. This Time I thought I wouldn't use lines and make it look painfully like it was flash. First I made the sketch of what the character would look like. then I got to work on animating.
Yes Its a Clown, which everyone thought was creepy. And now for the animation! Sorry for the quality, I havent got the exporting animations for the internet down pat yet.