Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two new T-Shirt Designs

Here are two T-shirt designs that I have submitted to the website
They are based on my two recent drawings of The Voodoo Spider and the Screaming Banshee.

Spider Voodoo - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

As you can see, this one went blank because the submission went blank. I got an e-mail saying "It would not be possible to have this printed on a T-shirt because the image was to big to cover the shirt." I think they denied because it was basically a bunny with jesus' body. Oh well, two are still being considered to be in the runnning
 St. Peter....Cottontail - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Una & Butters

This is a drawing I made in flash and Photoshop of my sister Una and my dog Butters. I wanted to go for a really simple, childish, cutesy sort of drawing. Giving the drawing textures of construction paper, wallpaper and bright colors.

Todays Drawing: Screaming Banshee

Today I was feeling inspired to draw something. I don't know why I drew a Banshee, It just ended up turning into one. All done in Photoshop.

The Easter....Bunny

Here is a sketch that I made completely in Photoshop. I was going for a different way of coloring. Incorporating what I learned with oil paints, but using that technique in Photoshop. When people saw the finished product, there were alot of mixed reviews, to say the least...

Voodoo Spider Sketch before Color & Ink

Here is the sketch of the voodoo spider I did in Photoshop before I went into Flash and did the inking to get crisp lines. Then I brought it back into photoshop and colored it.

Voodoo Spider Character sketch

I recently saw a video on youtube of a cool spider. Although I'm not a fan of Spiders, I found this one to be different. It has a colorful sort of plumage on its abdomen and does a kind of mating dance. Its also smaller than a thumbnail. When I saw this my mind got to working and my sister said it reminded her of a voodoo doctor kind of thing. I couldn't get that out of my head, I had to draw it. So below is what I came up with.

Queen: 40th Anniversary T-Shirt Design (Voting Open!)

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