Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick Sketch: Golden Dragon

I was getting tired of doing the cartoon thing. I really haven't had time to draw something for myself, just for fun. No grades attached, no deadline etc...So I finally had the time yesterday to do something. I did a quick sketch that took like 10 minutes. No refining. I crumpled the paper for an aged effect and then scanned it into the computer and quickly airbrushed it. The whole thing took about less than a half hour. Enjoy!

Character Design: Curse of The Black Diamond

These are character designs for my 3d animation class. Ive been fooling around with making the actual 3d model. Its only a matter of time before I break out of my procrastination mode and actually do it. But for the meantime, enjoy the 2d character concepts for my upcoming 3d animation "Curse of The Black Diamond". plot details will be coming later.

Its Been a While.....

Here are some character designs for my new project in one of my classes. Its going to be a somewhat tribute to the black and white cartoons as well as the flapper, zuit suit, and big band music era. The first picture is that of the two main characters, and the other is of the supporting characters. Names are still in the works.....