Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Shot from the final

My first horizontal pan for my final. This is my favorite out of all of them (10 shots being worked on) The three white characters are actually one character at different points of view. That was done so that I can animate him walking across the temple labyrinth....temple Labyrinth...I like that maybe Ill title my final that.

First Finished Shot off my new school project!

This is the opening shot of my final for my background and layout design class with teacher Jason Wiener. It will be imported into 3d studio max and the layers will be manipulated In that program. More to come.. !!Warning Big file!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More work from the crypt.

A relief I did on canvas with polymer clay, spackle and acrylic paint. The cracking on the piece I actually didnt intend on happening, but It works.

A piece I did on a thick poster board, It was washed with oil paint and then did the illustration in colored pencil. I forget what the chinese means, the only thing I can tell you is that Its complete nonsense.

Blast From The past..Again

Some more work that I did a while back. However Its not digital. Its all done by hand.
First up! i did this one for a Coca-Cola contest. It was done in oil paint, acrylic paint and colored pencil. They didnt return the artwork back to the owner so good thing I took a picture of it. I believe I did this my Junior year of High school in 05?
Second up, A painting I did a while back In acrylic, Oil and permanent marker. I made this when I was big into doing Tattoo flash and tattoo designs for my friends at school. I have book and books of just random tattoo art that I did at my house.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

W.I.P Cinematic

I have been working on a new project for my Background and Layout design class at The New England Institute od Art. We have to create a mini cinematic from 10 hand drawn scenes that will be put together in 3d studio max. I had a good story with seven story boards so far. Its about a cursed tribe of desert nomads. One day the leader of the nomads finds a map to a temple In which he finds an artifact that can break the curse. But not before he faces the perills and the mystic statues trying to stop him.

However, When I showed my ideas to my teacher, the story itself was cut down to the point where the cursed leader nomad gets to the temple. The story beforehand was scrapped along with six of the seven scenes I made. So pretty much all I have for now is the character designs for the main character and one scene that needs to be altered to fit the Teachers needs. I'll post the character design now and later when I get around to it Ill post the scenes.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Is almost upon us...

Another few hours and Halloween 08' will be In full swing! I thought i would post some "Halloween-esque" work that Ive done. The first was done In 2005, my senior year of Highschool. I was 17?
I made this In my art class for a online Halloween art contest. I did'nt win, but oh well, It was a contest with no prize anyway... I actually think my art Instructor Robert Kmiec was the only one that got honorable mention. It was done on 8.5 x 11 paper with blue liner pencil, then pencil and then inked with micron pens. It was scanned In and colored In photoshop. Its entitled "Medusas Gaze"

I also have work from my College Character design class Summer of 08' with George Pfromm II (Blog: Honolulu Dog Fight). I always go for a realistic feel for my drawings, and It finally clicked In my head that I go to school for Animation. So I finally got to do some cartoony characters. Duh!We had to pick monsters/creatures from a list and make them our own. I chose The bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein, The mummy & The Werewolf.
My initial plan was to do a cartoon version of Frankenstein & B.o.F. Then I started thinking how would I fit the mummy and the werewolf into the story? So i made B.o.F and Frankenstein a married couple and the mummy I turned into a cat(since the Egyptians worshipped cats), and the Werewolf I made more like a dog. So that they were both pets. clever huh? below are the designs and concept development. however I dont have the werewolf because we only had to choose three for the final product.

Spawn Fan Art: Part II// Blast From The Past

More fan art! These characters you may not be familiar with, but if you go to you can easily look them up to see what part of Todd McFarlane's universe they are from.

" Biker Chick" 02' ," VooDoo Queen" 02' ,"Original Spawn" 01', "Valkyrie" 02' ,"Lotus The Warrior Angel" 02'.
I was very busy In 2002 & 2001 huh? I had alot of time during those years because I was being treated for Cancer. So I had time to teach myself more photoshop and anatomy from drawing books. but thats all in the past now and Im all better. So dont get all weird on me! :D

Update: Is It me or does the color on Valkyrie too intense? besides the bad face

Dita Von Teese Vector

I tried doing vector work this past summer 08'. This was my first attempt at doing vector art In photoshop, which I wont do In photoshop again. I'll do It In flash! Much more easier.. But enjoy cartoon Dita Von Teese In a Martini Glass..

The New England Institute of Art...Wha? In Brookline? Where? Wha..

For everyone that knows The New England Institute of art or goes there, arent you sick of saying the name of the school. I thought I'd abreviate it to N.E.I.A, but thats just as confusing apparently to people. So I thought why not say the abreviation N.E.I.A (knee-yah).
People automatically know what your talking about when you say R.I.S.D ( Rhode Island School of Design). Why not with our school? Is it because our school isnt as ritzy? Is it because our schools commercial plays inbetween the Maury show and Jerry Springer?
Another thing, when I say I go to school for animation, I thought it would be a commonly known word in someones vernacular. Apparently thats not the case. And when trying to explain it to people, you might as well as say you draw with crayons in a coloring book, because thats what sometimes I feel people think of what I do. Sorry I dont have a commonly known bad. ;)

I can't stop posting! More Artwork!

I don't have much to do today, hence the past five posts In the first day..These are characters that I made for my character & object design last semester at The New England Institute of Art with George Pfromm II (blog: Honolulu Dog fight). It consisted of creating four characters from four verbs, In which these words are most commonly used In cartoon work. They are Dumb, Skinny, fat & smart. This was my interpretation of the words into cartoon form.

Character Designs: "The Comic"

These are two character designs I did for my character & object design class In college last semester 08' with George Pfromm II (Blog: Honolulu Dog Fight). These characters are somewhat dear to me. They are renderings I did of a comic that a friend and myself created in High School. The comic was about the elements. Thats all I'll say. The woman In the first pic Is the queen of the water tribe. The second one Is an Assassin.

This one Is of what we simply called "The Wind Oracle." Did I mention that the comic Is still In development hell. lol

Le Chocolat Divin

Ha! I came across this while looking for art to post. This was made during my first year of college for my concept and development class with Gretchen Wichterman..I hope I spelled that correct? The project was that we had to come up with a logo and feel for a chocolate.

My thought process behind this logo for the candy was influenced by the work of Alphonse Mucha. His art used decorative backgrounds and pretty woman. Which became popular In his latter years when he did commercial art for things such as absinthe and Moet & Chandon In the 1900's. I wanted to have it be European chocolate and sound and look regal. So thats how Le Chocolat Divin (The divine Chocolate) came to be.


If anyone knows me, They know i'm a fan of Spawn. A comic fan regardless. It has been my favorite comic ever since I was a kid. Although the creator (Todd McFarlane) has been deviating away to other projects I'm still a fan.
I have been on the Spawn webstie under the name Verde13. I also have been doing fan art and work for there many art contests that they have. So I thought I would post some work that i've done over the years...If I can find all of it!?

" Egyptian Spawn Monument" " Spawn: King of Hell (Preliminary Sketch)"---(08")

"Raven Spawn" - 03" "She-Spawn" - 02"

I could keep going on and on....but these were my favorites. Maybe I'll post more In the future..

My first post...What to post?

Well, this is the start of my blog..I have no idea what to post first and I am pretty much rambling..I never used a blog so I'm kind of blog challenged. I am going to do my best. I am going to post some work to get things started. I think the best way is to start with what I can find and share it...Here we go! This piece was done when I was In High School. Its titled "Eve 2.0".

I entered it my Junior year to a local art contest...Arisia I think. It won a "silver key"! Which is literally a sticker that resembles a silver key. At the time i think that the contest was fixed! seriously! The contest was mainly ran by Boston Latin, and ironically pretty much every kid from that school won the grand prizes...hhmmm. Looking at this piece now I think I've come a long way in means of anatomy lol. Here is the photoshopped piece and the original sketch! enjoy!