Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Is almost upon us...

Another few hours and Halloween 08' will be In full swing! I thought i would post some "Halloween-esque" work that Ive done. The first was done In 2005, my senior year of Highschool. I was 17?
I made this In my art class for a online Halloween art contest. I did'nt win, but oh well, It was a contest with no prize anyway... I actually think my art Instructor Robert Kmiec was the only one that got honorable mention. It was done on 8.5 x 11 paper with blue liner pencil, then pencil and then inked with micron pens. It was scanned In and colored In photoshop. Its entitled "Medusas Gaze"

I also have work from my College Character design class Summer of 08' with George Pfromm II (Blog: Honolulu Dog Fight). I always go for a realistic feel for my drawings, and It finally clicked In my head that I go to school for Animation. So I finally got to do some cartoony characters. Duh!We had to pick monsters/creatures from a list and make them our own. I chose The bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein, The mummy & The Werewolf.
My initial plan was to do a cartoon version of Frankenstein & B.o.F. Then I started thinking how would I fit the mummy and the werewolf into the story? So i made B.o.F and Frankenstein a married couple and the mummy I turned into a cat(since the Egyptians worshipped cats), and the Werewolf I made more like a dog. So that they were both pets. clever huh? below are the designs and concept development. however I dont have the werewolf because we only had to choose three for the final product.

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