Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gears of War 3: Computer Wallpaper Contest

I recently found out about a contest going on with Microsoft/ Epic Games and Deviant Art last week. The premise is to create a "soul-shattering" image of the Gears of War franchise in computer wallpaper format. I found out about this contest late in the game, So I immediately went to my sketchbook and started working things out. Below is the final piece worked by pencil a scanner and lots of Photoshop. When the winners are chosen on October 4th, i will release more of how I created this image. You can view my entry HERE, as well as the other great works that other artists have come up with!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gears of War 3: Wallpaper Design Contest

I came across a contest on DeviantArt by chance from my return from California. The prizes are too good to pass up, not to do it! Theres something like, four days left. The entries must be in by September 28th. Check it out HERE. I dont want to post the final piece till its completely finished and posted, So I will post the thumbnail that I chose to elaborate on.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The P.I.N.C.H Foundation New Logo

I'm back from California and I found out that the logos Ive been working on for "The P.I.N.C.H Foundation" have been used in various media. I worked with executive director Frank Sullivan on a quick deadline to get a few things created.Here is the sheet layout used for the new logo and side emblem for a T-shirt created for The PINCH Foundation fund raiser. The P.I.N.C.H foundation stands for People In Neighborhoods Can Help, and Mr. Sullivan wanted that to come across in the new logo, so we worked together on creating that. I also designed a memorial emblem for Francis C. McInerney the 4th, who died a few months ago.

These logos I created were printed on various media. A shirt was created for the Fund raiser On the shirt were my two logos( The PINCH Foundation logo on the front,Memorial Emblem on shirt sleeve), as well as The Cooperative Banks logo on the alternate sleeve and a slogan for the PINCH Foundation on the back. The Shirt
A Banner at the opening.
The Logo I made was also printed on Business cards and various other media. The logo I created will become the new official logo for the company.