Sunday, August 25, 2013

I made a thing...

After seeing the MTV VMA's performance from Mileyh Cyrus and Robin Thicke. I saw Robin Thickes outfit and was dude, really? Thats like a Footlocker employee outfit...then it hit me that it looked like Beetlejuices suit! So of course a quick Photoshop pasting job and color corrction later, Voila! 
EDIT: I kind of wish I didn't make it either. My name is next to Miley Cyrus's right leg if you look closely. I wish I watermarked it bigger...But I hate watermarks, it detracts from the picture in my opinion. I posted it to Tumblr and by the next day it garnered thousands of posts, showed up on multiple websites, even MTV and VH1. The original image has been filtered and resized, and taken, and I feel selfish to say that I didn't get any credit. It's probably the biggest thing Ive done, and I only have my word and word from friends that I am the one that made this. So stupid.
To date it has 147,861 likes and reblogs.

I also made this one. Lady Gaga was dressed as Venus DiMilo or whatever she thought she was. But when I saw this one picture it reminded me of the little mermaid when her voice was taken by Ursula...Wasnt that successful a post compared to the Miley Cyrus and beetlejuice post.