Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask sequel idea

I have been playing around with an idea after seeing the phenomenal work of Sean NG and his "The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Future Past" game designs. My idea started out when I drew this Butterfly, inspired by owl butterflies, one day. I thought, how about a Owl/Swallowtail butterfly with markings like Majora's Mask.

This is what I came up with in my sketchbook. I wanted it to look like a old Entymology field book page. I used acrylic paint with marker and colored pencil. I even wrote a little back story to go with it.

Majora Larvatum Papilio (The Majora Masked Butterfly)
This species of Butterfly is located exclusively in the land of Termina. Because of the striking eye pattern on its wings and close resemblance to the legendary Majora’s Mask it has very few predators in its adult form. Few people have been able to observe and document this species in the wild because the wing pattern is said to drive people mad.
It is said that when the hero Link defeated the evil entity Majora’s wrath, that the parasitic mask broke and dispersed into the surrounding area. Legend has it that the evil magic still contained within these lost pieces seeped into the land; effecting plant life and wild life alike. An explanation as to why this species of Butterfly holds a striking resemblance to the fabled mask."
I had so much fun doing that piece and thinking of the back story that I thought "Why stop there?" What if Nintendo were to have a sequel to Majora's Mask!? So I created a boss character that I imagined would be in the game. I'd love to work out this idea more, I have so many ideas!! But first things first and that's to find a new job *COUGH* NINTENDO HIRE ME!! *COUGH*

"The Legend of Zelda: The Great Fairy (Majora’s mask fragment infected)
Within the ending of Majora’s mask, the mask was destroyed. But instead of being completely destroyed it broke into many fragments and were flung upon various parts of Termina and the surrounding areas. Over time the evil magic still held within these pieces has infected the areas and the inhabitants.
One of the infected characters I thought would be cool was the Great Fairy. As I see it the little fairies and The Great Fairy are somewhat mischievous and collect shiny/peculiar items. The smaller fairies came across a fragment of Majora’s mask in the woods and brought it to the The Great Fairy. Over time the piece (in the possession of The Great Fairy) slowly overpowered her, the great fairy fountain and the land she oversees. In this case the woods.
I see this as a boss character to fight. The Great Fairies are larger than humans and she would be a formidable boss. The eyes on the wings would hypnotize the opponent, maybe even paralyze. Somewhat like Medusa’s gaze. When the character is frozen in his tracks she strikes with magic and slashes with her long black fingernails.
The smaller fairies are enchanted by the mask as well and are under the control of The Great Fairy; They would attack the opponent but wouldn’t do much damage. The trick would be to use a mirror shield to reflect the hypnotizing eye pattern on the wings, back at the great fairy and then attack the fragment without harming the fairy. When the piece is detained or destroyed the fairy goes back to normal as well as the infected land."

New Sketchbook Work! Finalized Pieces: Part 2

Here are more pieces from the new sketchbook I have been working on.

Work Website Closed

I recently had to take down my portfolio website JohnGreenanimation.net that I've had since College. Freelancing hasn't been steady and I couldn't make the payments. Womp Womp.

It's ok though. I can use this as my portfolio site till I can regroup. I never liked my website URL to be honest. John Green is a common name and it was the only one available at the time. The down side is that I have business cards with my website on them, ugh.

New Sketchbook Work! Finalized Pieces: Part 1

Hi everybody! Ive been working a new sketchbook since the new year and I wanted to share some of the work. The goal with this sketchbook is to work with color and make a more finalized piece on paper than just a sketch, so I put a lot of detail in these.

I tinted the paper with an acrylic wash and the line work and color was done in ink and colored pencil mostly. In some of the pieces you can see I was on a real paisley and tattoo art inspired kick.