Thursday, October 30, 2008


If anyone knows me, They know i'm a fan of Spawn. A comic fan regardless. It has been my favorite comic ever since I was a kid. Although the creator (Todd McFarlane) has been deviating away to other projects I'm still a fan.
I have been on the Spawn webstie under the name Verde13. I also have been doing fan art and work for there many art contests that they have. So I thought I would post some work that i've done over the years...If I can find all of it!?

" Egyptian Spawn Monument" " Spawn: King of Hell (Preliminary Sketch)"---(08")

"Raven Spawn" - 03" "She-Spawn" - 02"

I could keep going on and on....but these were my favorites. Maybe I'll post more In the future..

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