Thursday, October 30, 2008

The New England Institute of Art...Wha? In Brookline? Where? Wha..

For everyone that knows The New England Institute of art or goes there, arent you sick of saying the name of the school. I thought I'd abreviate it to N.E.I.A, but thats just as confusing apparently to people. So I thought why not say the abreviation N.E.I.A (knee-yah).
People automatically know what your talking about when you say R.I.S.D ( Rhode Island School of Design). Why not with our school? Is it because our school isnt as ritzy? Is it because our schools commercial plays inbetween the Maury show and Jerry Springer?
Another thing, when I say I go to school for animation, I thought it would be a commonly known word in someones vernacular. Apparently thats not the case. And when trying to explain it to people, you might as well as say you draw with crayons in a coloring book, because thats what sometimes I feel people think of what I do. Sorry I dont have a commonly known bad. ;)

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