Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Dark Wizard: Part I

For my final in 3d effects I wanted to incorporate all the things that we had learned in class. there were rain particles, snow, glowing particles, instanced particles, rigid body collisions etc... However I wanted a really bad ass model to show that I could do it all! So I made an evil wizard that would use magic to create all of those things.

It started off with lots of character design, what the character would look like, male or female, tall or short etc.. Once an idea was laid down then I made a turn around of the characters proportions and what the clothing would look like and what colors to use. I decided I wanted an egyptian-esque feel to the character.

If I had to do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be a character/object/scenery designer. I have sketchbooks upon sketchbooks upon sketchbooks of character designs and drawings of that nature. (just ask if you want to see them, i'll show them!)

I believe i will have to do this in two parts because there are so many pictures to this projects for one post! I will start off with the concept art I did for the character. In the first picture are conceptual character sketches. Trying to get a idea of what I wanted.

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watts34 said...

im going to draw that man a burger haha. really nice style.