Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Work!

Hello, It was quite the semester this past month so i did not really have the time to update the blog with new work. But now I am on a short break in between semesters and I have the time. Next semester is my last semester!! I am taking my last two classes! My internship and portfolio class. I made sure that I didn't have to take any other classes, because I feel my school always springs a english class or math class on me. I am currently in the process of locating an internship as well, making a resume and cover letter to send out (hopefully today!)

Anyway, I think I'll post something I did for my 3d effects cl
ass, which was really a fun class. I learned a lot from my teacher Mr. Michael McCarthy. This image is from a homework assignment we had to do. It had to do with instanced particles. I decided to do an underwater scene where the instanced particles were fish! For each project we had to also have a story. My story was that this underwater ROVER was looking for treasure, and at the end finds a treasure chest of gold coins.

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