Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Interesting" people drawn as Cartoons.

I thought I would add a new segment. Ive seen a lot of interesting people, and sometimes they end up in my sketchbook because they are truly...one of a kind. When people would look at my sketchbook they would think I made them up, But no, they are very real. So I decided to draw them with flash and color them to bring the full effect of what I remember. there are many more to come, but these are just a few so far.

This woman I never knew the name of, but she would shop at Roche Bros. in West Roxbury. She was very nice and spoke in a soft voice. She creeped people out a little bit though. She was a black woman with orange/blonde hair which was kinda styled like Braham Stokers Dracula, not as dramatic though. she wore pale (almost white) face makeup. she drew on orange eyebrows and wore fake colored blue contact lenses. She also dressed like she was from the early 1800's.
This is Leslie. I know her by first name because she would come into the store often, and anyone that would talk to her would know her name. I don't know what her deal is, but she would come in blaring rock music on her cassette player. She had long acrylic nails, sometimes taped together because she broke one. She always wore her signature Kiss shirt. She had smeared makeup and next to no teeth. She would get a cart, and drive it around the store. She once threw a bag of chicken at me because I wouldn't sell it to her for free, why she thought I would, I don't know. She also peed on the floor and then drove her cart through it leaving a trail. watch out for this one...yeah.
This is Teeny. I see this dog sometimes when walking my own. According to the owner it was the runt of a miniature Pomeranian litter, and belonged to her deceased mother. Its ancient, no teeth except the ones that stick out of its mouth, one bug eye and Its tongue seems too big for its mouth. Its probably the smallest dog Ive ever seen. There's a size chart to show how small it is next to my own dog.

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