Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project Rooftop: Spider-Man 2.0 Redesign contest entry

This is my design for the Project Rooftop: Spider-Man 2.0 Redesign contest. I thought Peter Parker would need a more high tech suit. He created the web shooters, why not more, and not just a spandex suit? Lets start from the top.

I added more elements to the mask. Instead of a mask I made it a helmet. The dude gets knocked around in battle, so you would need something to protect your noggin. More "eyes" (lenses), like a spider. They could act as flashlights in a dark area, plus there could be night vision, infra red, etc.

I made the suit look more armor like, padding. Most his enemies are bigger and stronger, so one would need a suit like that in my opinion, Right? I also wanted to keep the spider insignia on his chest, but I incorporated the spider legs into the rest of the costume, breaking it up. I used black instead of red because it would be more stealth like, instead of blue and red. I added a honeycomb texture in place of the webbing pattern just for esthetic reasons. I also added a zipper seam on the costume because I imagine with all the superhero costume it would be a pain to have to hop in and out of a unitard. Plus what if you had to pee?

I gave him a backpack, because he would usually carry a camera and his civilian clothes. In the comics he would put them in a sack of webbing and tie it up somewhere. My thinking would be "Its spider webbing, wouldn't that ruin the camera and the clothes, or at least be a pain to get off?" So that's the thought behind the backpack, plus he could keep spare web shooters in there amongst whatever he needed or picked up (a bagged lunch, first aid kit?)

I added a utility belt because he would need spare cartridges for his web shooter. Plus he could have different web shooter cartridges for different purposes, Like in the comics he would have different strengths of webbing for different villains. Plus if he were to get into a building, he would need to break in, and I'm almost positive that not all buildings have ventilation shafts that you could crawl right into the building. So I added some lock picking tools to the utility belt.

I added knee pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads and sheath armor over his tibula and fibula, and metal on his knuckles. his shoes have plates on the toes and heels, because he does a lot of running and swinging kicks into people.

And that was my thought process for my costume redesign for spider-man. I hope it gets at least mentioned in the contest. Now that its finished and Ive had time to look it over, I can already hear some of the comments " Tron-Spider-man, Tom Clancy meets Spider-man, Nothing like Spider-man". I honestly look forward to the critique, no matter how torn apart it may be.

EDIT: Crap, I just realized his belt buckle, sort of looks like Deadpools.

EDIT: Smaller Version

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