Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Idea: D.C Characters in the X-Men

Blasphemer! I had an idea the other day. What if some of the D.C characters crossed over to the marvel side and worked on the x-men, or were given a marvel background. I have a few ideas flowing but the one I drew was Wonder Woman. I redesigned her costume. I also thought her Tiara and gauntlets could be made of adamantium, because the old ones were destroyed...or something.

Her lasso of truth could be something like a pyschic lasso. Like how Psylocke had a psychic knife. In the D.C comics the lasso was said to be telepathically connected and when she threw it, it would go where she wanted. and it was unbreakable. I also thought since she has her invisible jet in the D.C comics, that she could drive the X-jet. It was fun thinking of this idea, I might do more characters.Edit: Someone asked "Why not the X-men on the justice league?". Why? Because I like Marvel and X-men more, and also wouldn't the x-men just lose the X and keep their costume?

Edit #2: I redrew my design after it was pointed out to me that the original was drawn 61/2- 7 heads tall. Not super hero proportion. and since well, Wonder woman is a superhero and a amazon, it makes sense she would be 8 heads tall. So without further ado.

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