Friday, October 25, 2013

Batman Returns: Selina Kyles Apartment W.I.P

I really wanted to design an architectural space for my portfolio. I was stumped and one night one of my favorite movies "Batman Returns" came on. There are a lot of cool spaces that were created in the movie but I had to recreate Selina Kyles (Catwoman) room. There were so many items and it has tons of character in my opinion. Also I really wanted to model the neon sign.

Upon starting the modeling process I drew a orthographic view. I watched all the clips in which she is in her apartment and took many screen grabs to make sure I got everything down to the T.
The second step was modeling the rooms walls and floor. From there I started building up the unique wall moulding and door shapes. Plus adding the items that were central to the layout and drew your eye first. The tables, the unique chair and lamp.....and I couldn't resist modeling the sign to be honest.
I did a quick render to adjust the lighting for the neon sign, which was difficult to get completely right in 3ds Max, but I believed i achieved the correct color and brightness that was seen in the movie. Neon's very bright but the color and light only reach so far, as opposed to how a light bulb acts.

I have started texturing and adding more models to the scene to give it that cluttered feel, like in the movie. So it doesn't seem so 3d, or bare.

There is still more to model for the room but I am working on it because I am in love with this project. i will be sure to post more as I go along.

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