Friday, October 25, 2013

Majoras Mask: 3d Model

Im so happy with my recent side modeling project of Majoras mask. It was fun to model and eventually i would love to have it 3d printed when I have the money. I'd love to have it be a wall piece in my room...Although that stare...those eyes...might be too intense.
It was poly modeled in 3ds max, sculpting and maps were made in Zbrush, Photoshop and Flash. I always wanted to model the mask and was heavily inspired by the rustic version, 3D artist Cordell Felix made.

I also made a gif of the model. It's a slightly changed model with the eyes as a separate piece. They were rigged with dummy's and look at constraints. A simple animation. I call it, Majoras mask, quietly judging the content of what it's seeing.


4What said...

Beautiful work dude !
Is there anyway to get the 3D model if i have the chance to 3D print it too ? x) you can mail me at

Arthur Leighton said...

Great work! I'm also trying to 3D print the mask, is there anyway I could get a file of your work for myself. I'd appreciate it a lot.
You can contact me at