Friday, October 25, 2013

Logo Work & Website Design

Below are some samples that I have been allowed to release of my work with companies around The New England area.

 I worked with Robert Starr of MASCo to redesign the company website and logo to be more eye-catching, yet simple, so that people of any age would be able to navigate it with ease.

 Bakery Bowls, a local start-up in Massachusetts that caters in the sense of Edible arrangements only with baked goods; contacted me in order to create a logo for their business. The owner and company founder, Jacqueline Fornaro, had a basic idea sketched out but wanted me to elaborate and make it more detailed. Above is the concept process that I worked through with her to help create the final logo that was

Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman promotional cards were created for The Science Channel through Revelation Entertainment and The Incubator.

"Jilted?" A short lived reality show on Wetv about couples that have been together for a while and wanted to get married or quit the relationship. I created the promotional cards that were used as well as the shows logo through The Incubator, which produced the series for the channel.

Grimes Oil Co. Now Grimes Energy, a company based in the New England area contacted me to help reboot their image. They wanted it to be bold and eye popping yet keeping their signature purple logo, which was also revamped. The website was made to be simple enough for any age to navigate through as well as bold in color.

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